Seasonal Flu

Flu is a common infectious viral illness spread by coughs and sneezes. It can be very unpleasant, but you'll usually begin to feel better within about a week. You can catch flu all year round, but it is especially common in winter, so, it is also known as "seasonal flu". It's not the same as the common cold. Flu is caused by a different group of viruses. The symptoms tend to start more suddenly, be more severe and last longer. Read more about flu and how to combat it.

The flu vaccine reduces the risk of catching flu, as well as spreading it to others. It's more effective to get the vaccine before the start of the flu season. Find out if you're eligible for the free NHS flu vaccine

For more information on Flu and the flu vaccine, All about prevention flu

Protecting children from flu : Annual flu nasal spray 

The flu vaccine is now available in a nasal spray form for children. Flu nasal Spray or vaccine is available free on the NHS for eligible children. Preschool children can get it in their GP surgery. School Nurses give them for children in primary school in their schools. For more information including who is eligible please visit NHS Choices Child flu page.

Last reviewed: 01/09/2022