Benefits of Growing ad Cooking

There are many proven benefits to growing and cooking your own food on our, physical, mental, and social health.

8 Benefits of growing your own food at home or in communal gardens:

  • Increases your overall levels of physical activity and fitness
  • Increases healthy fruit and vegetable consumption
  • Improves attitudes to healthy eating.
  • It can help people cope with challenging circumstances
  • Create opportunities for social interactions and community bonding
  • It can reduce the occurrence of stress.
  • It can improve alertness, cognitive abilities and social skills.

8 Benefits of cooking meals from scratch:

  • It can increase the amount of fruit and vegetables which will support your immune system and reduce the risk of illnesses
  • It can give you more energy
  • It can make mealtimes a social experience with family and friends
  • It can sharpen your mind
  • It can be empowering and improve your mood and self-esteem
  • It can be a stress reliever
  • Gives you a break from screen time
  • You are less likely to include as much sugar and salt as premade food and eat out food

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