Want to grow your own at home? Or Want to support your local community to set-up their own community growing site? Below are a list of growing hints and tips on how to achieve this.

There is also a Grow Your Own app – a useful tool for keeping track of what to do and when, for the crops you’re wishing to grow. Learn more and download the app for Android or iPhone.

  • Setting up your own community garden

Key resources for information to get you started:

We recommend all community growing sites sign up to the Social Farms and Gardens network which can provide you with all the key information needed to start and maintain your own community garden, click here for more details and to visit the website: Social Farms & Gardens | (farmgarden.org.uk).

Our Expert Gardeners* helping to set-up our Grow It, Cook It, Eat It sites are also at hand to provide advice and guidance to get you started. Please contact the Growing Site closest to you with any questions.

Last reviewed: 01/06/2023