Mount Close Open Space Park Walk Post 2

This is the second marker on the Mount Close Open Space park walk.


This does not mean jogging or going to the gym. It does not mean using special equipment or coaching. You don’t have to be sporty. Just small, simple movements such as standing when we could be sitting or taking regular walks can have a major effect on our health, especially if it becomes part of regular everyday routine.


The recent pandemic has made everyone aware how important it is to ensure we have a healthy immune system.

We also know that it has not gone away and may well come back especially during the Autumn and Winter.

Regularly going for a walk helps immune cells perform effectively by increasing blood flow, reducing stress and inflammation, and strengthening antibodies.

And, of course, it means getting outside in the sunshine. This boosts our Vitamin D levels which also helps our immune system.


Creating an Active Summertime

But this gentle improvement to mind and body are not the only benefits.

Exposure to sunshine means increasing our levels of Vitamin D that is good for bones, muscle and heart health.

Vitamin D can also play an important part in supporting our immune system.


There are a total of nine Local Park Walks. There are four in Aylesbury and 5 in Wycombe.

The shortest of the nine Local Park Walks is just 240 steps. It will take 5 or 6 minutes to complete.

Now let’s suppose you were able to walk this distance every day for a year and each step is a yard. In a single year you would walk nearly 50 miles a year!

you don’t fancy a walk, then stand more. Standing 3 hours a day of a working week that you would normally sit down and you could burn over 10 marathon’s worth of calories!

Active Park Walks – part of your new Active Community

Sit less, stand often and move more. These small changes to everyday can make a difference to your long-term health.

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