Booker Recreation Ground Park Walk Post 4

This is the fourth marker on the Booker Recreation Ground park walk.


If you have clicked on to this site, you have walked around 1370 paces from the start to the finish of this Local Park Walk. Do this once a week for a year and you would walk over 40 miles and use over 3500 calories*

Why not walk back to the beginning or do another circuit? Do this distance every week for a year and you would walk over 80 miles and use nearly 7000 calories!

*Based on 1 step = 1 yard and the average person uses 1 calorie for every 20 steps


The recent pandemic has made everyone aware how important it is to ensure we have a healthy immune system.

We also know that it has not gone away and may well come back especially during the Autumn and Winter.

Regularly going for a walk helps immune cells perform effectively by increasing blood flow, reducing stress and inflammation, and strengthening antibodies.

And, of course, it means getting outside in the sunshine. This boosts our Vitamin D levels which also helps our immune system.


Creating an Active Summertime

It is easy to forget to drink plenty of water during the hot weather, but it is important to keep well hydrated.

Drinking sufficient water helps regulate body temperature, maintains cell nourishment and organ function.

And it can improve sleep quality during the hot weather.


Being active is not just about our health today but to protect our wellbeing for a lifetime. Evidence tells us that if we stand more than three hours a day we could extend our life expectancy by two years.

And it’s never too late. A recent study showed that if 70 year olds were active 20 minutes a day, then they would reduce the chance of a heart attack in their 80s by half!

If you have enjoyed this walk and want to share walks with others, visit Buckinghamshire Council’s Simply Walks support programme to find a walk near you at

Active Park Walks – part of your new Active Community

Sit less, stand often and move more. These small changes to everyday can make a difference to your long-term health.

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