Where Can I Get Help?

You will find all Buckinghamshire support services below. There are also a variety of online tools and apps available to help avoid harm from alcohol here.

Be Healthy Bucks – Help to cut down on alcohol

Be Healthy Bucks offers support to help you cut down on alcohol. With trained health and wellbeing coaches by your side, you are never alone in making the changes helpful to a less groggy future. Interactive online modules also support you week-to-week, as a positive reminder of all those benefits you are looking for from having less alcohol in your life. Visit Be Healthy Bucks.

One Recovery Bucks – Specialist advice support and treatment service for anyone over 18 yrs. experiencing harmful or problematic drug and /or alcohol use

One Recovery Bucks (ORB), delivered by Inclusion, part of the Midlands Partnership NHS Foundation Trust, is the integrated specialist substance use treatment and recovery support service for adults in Buckinghamshire who are experiencing harmful and or problematic drug and /or alcohol use.

The Service operates from two main Hubs in Aylesbury and High Wycombe, and satellite Hubs in Chesham, Burnham and Buckingham.

The service provides support and interventions including:

  • A Clinical and Prescribing Service,
  • Harm Reduction and Open access Service,
  • Brief Advice and Information, pyscho-social interventions including counselling 
  • Access to residential rehab and inpatient detoxification service and support
  • Enhanced Recovery Network and Suppor

The service is free, confidential and non-judgemental.

Phone: 0300 7729 672

Email: orb@mpft.nhs.uk

Website: https://onerecoverybucks.org

The service provides information and advice, and training for professionals on Basic Drug and Alcohol awareness, Overdose Awareness and Naloxone training, Alcohol Brief Advice and Information Training and Extended Alcohol Brief Advice Training.

For Training contact:

orbtraining@mpft.nhs.uk or visit https://onerecoverybucks.org/training/ 

Here4YOUth Bucks – Drug and Alcohol Support for Children & Young People

Here4YOUth Bucks, is the commissioned children and young people substance use service, delivered by Cranstoun. The service is focused on reducing risk, reducing harm and building resilience, to children and young people age 10-18 years (and up to 25 years in exceptional cases) across Buckinghamshire who are:

  • experiencing substance use related issues or
  • at risk of developing problematic substance use or
  • are impacted by parental or other family member substance use

The service offers easy and rapid access to support from premises in the town centres of High Wycombe, evening drop in facilities in Aylesbury and High Wycombe, as well as supporting children and young people at home, school or a variety of community venues across Buckinghamshire.

Here4YOUth Bucks offers:

  • One to one and group support
  • Information and Advice for parents/carers 
  • Support to reduce harm caused by the harmful use of substances
  • Supported access to pharmacological interventions in partnership with One Recovery Bucks (adult substance use service ) 
  • Hidden Harm Support for children affected by parental/loved one  substance use – in partnership with One Recovery Bucks (adult substance use service) 
  • Accredited (AQA) Life skills programme

The service is free, confidential and non-judgemental with age appropriate support.

Phone: 01494 527000

Email: here4youthbucks@cranstoun.org.uk

Website: https://www.cranstoun.org/service/switch-bucks

Referral Form: https://cranstoun.org/help-and-advice/young-people/referral-form/ 

The service provides training on drug and alcohol use in relation to children and young people to Professionals and Partner Agencies.

Contact: here4youthbucks@cranstoun.org.uk 

Support for Families and Carers affected by a loved one’s Harmful or Problematic use of Substances

Problematic drug and/or alcohol use affects many people beside the individual directly using the substances. Family members and friends can experience stress and health problem as a result of being close to and concerned about their loved ones harmful or problematic drug/alcohol use. It is recognised that families and carers need support in their own right , and the vital role they play in enhancing and improving recovery outcomes

One Recovery Bucks delivers a Families and Carers Support Service specifically for any adult in Buckinghamshire who is affected by a loved one's use of substance.

They offer a range of interventions including face-to-face, telephone and email information advice and support interventions. that will include, but not be limited to:

  • Support groups for carers and family members.
  • One-to-one support.
  • Safeguarding information.
  • Partnership arrangements with adult services, generic carer’s services and relevant agencies in order to provide a co-ordinated and holistic approach to providing support and advice services for the families and carers of drug users.
  • Support with accessing Buckinghamshire Council commissioned carers services for a specialist carers assessment where appropriate.
  • Enable families and carers to form and access community networks.
  • If the individual user agrees, family members and significant others will be given the option to be involved in the assessment and ongoing treatment of the individual user.

The service is free, confidential and non-judgemental.

Phone: 0300 7729 672

Email: orb@mpft.nhs.uk

Website: https://onerecoverybucks.org/family-carers/

Alcoholics Anonymous

A support group for people to help each other overcome alcoholism. There are lots of support groups across Buckinghamshire that you can attend. Click here to search for your nearest venue.

Narcotics Anonymous

Help for anyone with a drug problem. Click here for more information on the services Narcotics anonymous provide.