Grow It, Cook It, Eat It

Grow it Cook it Eat is a community food growing and cooking project, bringing communities together.

Do you find buying fresh fruit and vegetables expensive or don’t really know what to do with the ones you do buy?  This project brings together communities who may experience financial hardship or have challenges accessing fresh fruit and vegetables together to provide spaces to use for your own growing and provide opportunities to improve your cooking skills and knowledge.

There is no membership, no cost and low to no commitment.

Grow It, Cook It, Eat It provides:

  • An opportunity for volunteers of all ages and experience
  • Access to free fresh fruit and vegetables
  • Gardening activities that offer great low impact exercise
  • Free cooking sessions that show you how to use fruit, vegetables and herbs to create tasty, healthy, low-cost meals for the whole family.

Grow It

We welcome Buckinghamshire residents of all ages and experience at all of our sites, bringing communities together to grow their own fruit, vegetables and herbs. As well as giving you access to plenty of fresh fruit and vegetables, gardening activities offer great low impact exercise – so growing your own is a good way of improving your physical health too.

Don’t know your cucumbers from your courgettes? Not a problem, all growing sites are led by an Expert Gardener or Community Growing Champion who are able to provide you with all the advice and guidance needed to get you started. Throughout the year we will also offer small bite-sized skill building sessions to further build your skills and confidence.

Children and Young people

Cook It

We are creating a team of volunteer Community Cooking Tutors to be part of our ‘Grow it, Cook it, Eat it’ project, aiming to empower individuals and encourage communities to make the best use of products that they have grown or acquired via surplus food or other means.

This side of the project offers a great opportunity to those who are passionate about cooking, know how to make a meal from minimal ingredients and want to encourage others to take up cooking to become a Volunteer Cooking Tutor.