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Active Communities is a health initiative run by Buckinghamshire Council for wards in Aylesbury (Aylesbury north west) and Wycombe (Abbey; Booker; Cressex & Castlefield; West Wycombe) to encourage residents to sit less and move more, focusing on different elements of introducing movemen

Research has shown that sitting for prolonged periods of time has detrimental effects on our long-term health and this is something we are keen to tackle. After just 20 minutes sitting our bodies start to slow which affects our muscles, blood flow and heart rate.

Dr. Jane O’Grady, Buckinghamshire Council’s Director of Public Health said: “This initiative is not about getting people to take up sport, go to the gym or to start running marathons. We are simply asking people not to sit for too long. Just this one, small change can have a really positive impact on health and wellbeing. Of course we still want to encourage people to be as active as possible and to eat healthily but for those who really struggle to get out for a walk or any other gentle form of exercise, this initiative encourages them with the knowledge that just by standing up more and sitting down less they are having a positive impact on their health and even the smallest amount of movement can help

Active Communities aims to help every member of the community to be a little more active particularly those who:

  • do not like or play sport
  • are not interested in physical activity
  • sit down for long periods
  • spend lengthy periods indoors
  • are unable to stand

Active Communities is about working together to improve the wellbeing of all.

From May 17th 2021, you are part of an Active Community!

Active Communities Programme Review – Home Pack Review

Latest News

Your Active Communities event

Stand together, move together
(September 6th–October 31st)

The pandemic has seen lots of examples of families, friends and communities come together to offer support. We should look to return to normality and health in the same spirit of togetherness.

The latest Active Communities campaign is exactly that. We want to find ways we can share the benefits of sitting less, standing often and moving more.

When having a family get-together, go for a walk to talk.

After a family meal, take a walk to help digestion

Make the home an active location by creating moments when everyone can stand. That goes for offices, too.

When traveling to work the shop or school, pick a walking buddy to share the experience has seen Active Communities is about adding a little bit of extra movement to daily routines. For the next few weeks, we want you to swap your usual transport for a walk instead!

For car users, leave it home at least once a week, or park further away from your destination at work, when shopping or dropping the children at school.

Taking a bus? Get on or off one stop further. Try using a cycle or scooter instead of driving or using public transport. Don’t let the young sit in buggies for too long. Always take stairs not lifts and escalators!

By reducing your use of transport, it is good for you but also good for the environment, too!