Here are simple ways you can add activity to your daily routine.

When you travel

Try not to use the car once a week for work or the school run. If you must use the car or a bus, you could:

  • park further away from the school, office or shops
  • walk to the next bus stopor get off the bus a stop earlier
  • take it in turns to walk to a friend or colleague to share a journey
  • cycle instead of driving

Every movement matters. Park your car just two days a week an extra 500 paces morning and afternoon from the school. In a 40-week school year, you would walk an extra 91 miles and use 8000 calories.

Why not walk and talk?

Be more active when using your phone. You could:

  • stand up to make every phone call (and walk while you’re talking)
  • always read your mobile standing up

Standing and walking are also great for office meetings or catching up with friends.

Every movement matters. You use 0.7 calories more each minute standing rather than sitting. Stand up for an extra three hours each day and you would burn over 30,000 extra calories a year. That’s the same as running 10 marathons.

Use the stairs

Stairs are a great way of adding activity to your life. If you have stairs at home, walk up and down them when you pass. Avoid the lift or get off a floor earlier or later in the office or when you go shopping.

Every movement matters. Stairs increase your heart rate and strengthen yourmuscles.

Watching TV

Even the television can remind you to be active. You could:

  • stand when the adverts (or favourite celebrity, actor, character) come on.
  • stand for the opening and closing credits.
  • add a standing ovation if you like something.
  • stand up to watch your sports team.

Every movement matters. You use 100 muscles to stand up.

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Every movement matters.

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