What Happens at an NHS Health Check

Your NHS Health Check will be done by a healthcare professional. This will usually be a nurse, but it could also be a doctor, pharmacist or healthcare assistant. The check takes about 20 to 30 minutes. There will be questions, measurements and tests.

You’ll be asked some simple questions, including :

  • Whether any of your close relatives have had the illness being checked for
  • If and how much you smoke
  • How much alcohol you drink if any
  • How much physical activity you do
  • Your weight and height will be measured to work out if you are a healthy weight for your height
  • Your waist may also be measured using a tape measure
  • Your age, gender and ethnicity will be recorded
  • Your blood pressure will be taken. Your pulse should also be taken too.
  • You will either have a blood test before or after the check. You may also have a small sample of blood taken from your fingertip during the appointment to check your cholesterol level and also your blood sugar levels.

Getting Your Results

Your should be given your results at your appointment, read more about your results.

Where can I find my local health check?

You can receive a NHS Health Check at your GP practice. You can also register with Be Healthy Bucks to book an NHS Health Check in the community. Check Eligibility criteria here.