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Promoting sexual health

bSHaW local sexual health services are running duringthe COVID outbreak, please see https://sexualhealthbucks.nhs.uk for contact and clinic information.

Sexual health is a broad term, and encompasses the provision of clinical services as well as prevention programmes encompassing healthy relationships, emotional resilience, consent, prevention of child sexual exploitation, relationships and sex education in schools, behavioural tools to encourage safer sex and sexual health outreach and health promotion.  

The provision of sexual health is complex and there are a wide range of providers, including acute hospitals, general practice, community pharmacies, community services and the voluntary, charitable and independent sector.

In Buckinghamshire services are delivered by Buckinghamshire Healthcare NHS Trust and Terrence Higgins Trust collectively known as the Buckinghamshire Sexual Health and Wellbeing (bSHaW) service.

For more information on all sexual health services in your local area, visit the Sexual health Bucks website.

Wellbeing in Sexual Health (WISH) Training

WISH is part of the Sexual Health promotion programme led by Public Health at Buckinghamshire County Council. The overall aim of the programme is to promote the sexual health and wellbeing of all Bucks residents as we believe that sexual health is everybody’s business! The aim of the training programme is to equip those working with clients and individuals of all ages, with the knowledge, skills and tools to develop resilience, respect and encourage their clients to seek out consensual healthy and safe sexual relationships whatever their age, gender, ethnicity, disability or sexuality.

The WISH training programme is commissioned by Public Health at Buckinghamshire County Council. Courses are run by Terrence Higgins Trust.

To see the flyer and to apply, please visit the  Sexual Health Buckinghamshire website.

Non-contracted out of area sexual health activity

Buckinghamshire Council is one of eighteen Local Authorities who have signed up to the South East Local Authorities Sexual and Reproductive Health Services Cross Charging Policy. Buckinghamshire Council commission a wide range of sexual and reproductive health services across the county.

Although the majority of residents in Buckinghamshire access Sexual and Reproductive services locally, some of our residents choose to access services outside of our county, often because they live on the border of Buckinghamshire or work in neighbouring authority areas. The South East Policy details how the Local Authority will reimburse providers for Genito-Urinary Medicine (GUM) activity for Buckinghamshire Residents attending sexual health services commissioned by other Local Authorities.

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Last reviewed: 21/10/2021

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