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Why get active?

Most of us know that being active is good for us – but many still don’t know the amazing effects being active everyday can have on our lives.

There is strong scientific evidence that being physically active can help you lead a healthier and even happier life, at every stage of your life. The more you do, the greater the benefits, but even small amounts each day (30 mins – broken down into 10 minute bursts) can have an impact.

The key thing is to move more! Start with little changes, we all have to start somewhere and some movement is better than no movement.

Why should you move more?

Physical activity has been shown to boost self-esteem, mood, improve sleep quality and increase energy, while reducing the risk of stress, depression, dementia and even some cancers. And the good news is, with some simple changes you can easily be physically active throughout the day.

Being active regularly can help prevent and treat over 20 chronic health conditions such as heart disease, dementia, type 2 diabetes, back pain, stroke and some cancers. It enables you to live a more independent life as you grow older by improving muscle strength, coordination and balance – therefore reducing your risk of falls.

It also helps you feel better by boosting our mood or making us feel less stressed and anxious, and can connect you to wider social groups and networks.

The dangers of doing nothing

Many adults spend up to 6 hours a day sitting or lying down (being sedentary) using with very little or no energy .

Being sedentary isn’t simply a lack of physical activity, many of us sit at our desks or on our sofas too much, affecting our circulation and bone, brain and muscle health. We also tend to become more sedentary the older we get.

New research is even saying being sedentary for long periods of time each year will impact negatively on our life expectancy! What is really worrying is that you can be regularly active but still be sedentary for too long!

Breaking up your sedentary periods each day can be easy and so important. The following video might help...

Last reviewed: 02/09/2019