E-Cigarettes/Vaporisers (otherwise known as Vaping) have become popular in the UK over the last few years. Research so far shows e-cigarettes are far less harmful than smoking. For some people who smoke, e-cigarettes could be an option to help them stop using tobacco. Many people are also able to save hundreds of pounds a year after stopping smoking cigarettes. Some people will spend more than others, but generally vaping costs half as much as cigarettes. Although there are currently no licenced products that can be prescribed, your local stop smoking service, Be Healthy Bucks supports those wishing to use e-cigarettes to help them quit. You can receive a free e-cig starter kit to help you on your journey.

Smokeless Tobacco

Chewing tobacco is the most common form of smokeless tobacco used by these groups. It is known by a variety of different names, including Pann and Niswar. Smokeless tobacco can be as addictive as smoking tobacco and can cause oral cancers along with other diseases.


A Shisha pipe

Shisha is a way of smoking tobacco, sometimes mixed with fruit or molasses sugar, through a bowl and hose or tube. Shisha is also known as Hookah, Waterpipe or Hubble Bubble smoking. This type of smoking carries the same risks as those associated with smoking cigarettes. Visit https://www.bhf.org.uk/heart-health/risk-factors/smoking/shisha to find out more.

Last reviewed: 04/04/2023