Chewing Tobacco

Chewing tobacco is the most common form of smokeless tobacco used. It is known by a variety of different names, including Pann and Niswar. Smokeless tobacco can be as addictive as smoking tobacco and can cause oral cancers along with other diseases.


Shisha is a way of smoking tobacco, sometimes mixed with fruit or molasses sugar, through a bowl and hose or tube. Shisha is also known as Hookah, Waterpipe or Hubble Bubble smoking. This type of smoking carries the same risks as those associated with smoking cigarettes. Visit to find out more.

To move Buckinghamshire towards a smokefree generation whilst also minimising the impacts of vapes on children, young people and the environment, a variety of initiatives are currently being delivered in Buckinghamshire. Additional schemes and proposals are being developed by Public Health along with partners in the Tobacco Control Alliance.

Current Tobacco Control Initiatives

  • Buckinghamshire Tobacco Control Alliance

The Buckinghamshire Tobacco Control Alliance comprises stakeholders from the Buckinghamshire area, working together to reduce smoking and tobacco issues. Local stakeholders play a crucial role in achieving the goals of the national and Buckinghamshire Tobacco Control Strategy (2024 - 2029) to create a smokefree generation in Buckinghamshire.

  • Be Healthy Bucks

Smokers who want to quit smoking are supported by Be Healthy Bucks to utilise a variety of quit tools along with the evidence-based behavioural support provided by the service.

  • Smokefree parks and playgrounds

Our smokefree parks and playgrounds initiative is voluntary and designed to educate the public and promote positive behaviour change through smoke and vape free signage. This awareness-raising campaign involves the local community, children in local schools are actively involved in the ‘design a sign’ process.

  • Smokefree sidelines

Smokefree Sidelines is a collaboration between Buckinghamshire Public Health and the Bucks & Berks Football Association (FA) that aims to introduce a culture of not smoking or vaping on football match sidelines across Buckinghamshire. Smoke and vape free signage are placed around the sidelines to ensure that youth are not exposed to this. Smokers are signposted to local stop smoking services.

  • Focused enforcement activity for underage and illegal sales

Trading Standards Officer dedicated to detecting underage sales (of vapes, tobacco, alcohol and nitrous oxide) and supporting successful enforcement actions.

  • Schools survey

The school survey includes questions on smoking. It explores whether children and young people currently smoke, where they buy their cigarettes, and if anyone in their household smokes. Baseline data will enable Public Health to understand local smoking prevalence, as well as spot trends over time.