Understanding alcohol units

Units are a way of measuring the amount of pure alcohol in a drink. One unit equals 10ml or 8g of pure alcohol, which is the amount of alcohol an average adult can process in one hour.

Here are some examples of the number of units in alcoholic drinks.

1.5 Units = small glass of red/white/rosé wine 125ml 12.5% ABV)
2.1 Units = standard glass of red/white/rosé wine 175ml 12% ABV
3 units = large glass red/white/ rosé wine 250ml 12% ABV

10 Units

2 units = pint of lower strength lager/beer/cider 3.6%
3 units = pint of higher strength lager/beer/cider 5.2%

1.7 units = bottle of lager/beer/cider 330ml 5%

1 unit = small single shot of spirits 25ml 40%

Last reviewed: 24/03/2021